A Bot for Remote Server Monitoring over SSH

rtop-bot can connect over SSH to Linux systems and display their vital system metrics without needing any agent on the target system. It can do this when asked to, over Slack or HipChat, and report the results to the channel/DM/private group/chat room.

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Here "m1" and "m2" are machines you can "ssh m1" and "ssh m2" into. No further setup required.

rtop-bot is self-hosted, and can be run inside your secure network from where it can SSH into target machines. You can invoke it like this:

$ ./rtop-bot
rtop-bot 0.2 - (c) 2015 RapidLoop - http://www.rtop-monitor.org/rtop-bot
rtop-bot is a Slack and HipChat bot that can do remote system monitoring over SSH

    rtop-bot -s slackBotToken
    rtop-bot -h hipChatUserJid hipChatRoomJid

    slackBotToken is the API token for the Slack bot
    hipChatuserJid is the HipChat user jabber ID, like 139999_999914
    hipChatRoomJid is the HipChat room jabber ID, like 139999_opschat

rtop-bot: bot [rtop-bot] ready
rtop-bot: hit ^C to exit

$ ./rtop-bot -h 13XXXX_XXXX15 13XXXX_testroom5
Password for user "13XXXX_XXXX15":
rtop-bot: using username [rtopbot] and mention name [rtopbot]
rtop-bot: [rtopbot] now serving room [13XXXX_testroom5@conf.hipchat.com]
rtop-bot: hit ^C to exit

rtop-bot is written in Go. To get and build it, use:

go get github.com/rapidloop/rtop-bot

rtop-bot knows about ssh-agent, ~/.ssh/id_rsa and ~/.ssh/config, so if you can successfully do "ssh somehost" without further input, rtop-bot will also be able to connect and collect metrics without any extra configuration.

rtop-bot is 100% open source (MIT license), lives on github and is written in Go. It's sibling projects, rtop (interactive CLI) and rtop-vis (ad hoc cluster monitoring) might also interest you.

Feel free to play with the software, and send us pull requests and bug reports to keep the party going! Cheers from RapidLoop!