Remote Server Monitoring over SSH

rtop is a simple, agent-less, remote server monitoring tool that works over plain SSH. It does not need any software to be installed on the server that you want to monitor. It works by establishing an SSH session, and running commands on the remote server to collect system metrics.

It keeps refreshing the information every few seconds, like the other *top utilities. This is how it looks like:

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rtop can connect using ssh-agent, private keys or password authentication. You can invoke it like this:

rtop 1.0 - (c) 2015 RapidLoop - MIT Licensed - http://rtop-monitor.org
rtop monitors server statistics over an ssh connection

Usage: rtop [-i private-key-file] [user@]host[:port] [interval]

	-i private-key-file
		PEM-encoded private key file to use (default: ~/.ssh/id_rsa if present)
		the SSH server to connect to, with optional username and port
		refresh interval in seconds (default: 5)

rtop is 100% open source (MIT license), lives on github and is written in Go. To build it, "go get" it with Go version 1.2 or better:

go get github.com/rapidloop/rtop

rtop should be able to monitor any modern Linux distro, and should be able to run on all platforms that Go supports. It runs with some limitations on Windows too.

You might also like the related project rtop-bot, which has a Slack and HipChat bot frontend for rtop.

Feel free to play with the software, and send us pull requests and bug reports to keep the party going! Cheers from RapidLoop!